Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Are you receiving our emails?

Bulk messages and advertising messages are delivered to the Hromadné (Bulk mail) folder in your mailbox. All business emails are automatically directed to this folder, so look there for our messages. You will also find the GOPASS Newsletter there.

Settings  Click on your name in the upper right corner of your mailbox, from the menu select Nastaveni (Settings) and select Hromadné (Bulk). To switch off this folder and receive all messages including Hromadné (Bulk) in your Doručené (Inbox), go to the Doručené (Inbox) folder and uncheck ‘Doručovat hromadné e‑maily do složky Hromadné’ (Deliver bulk emails to Bulk folder).


How does the GOPASS chip card work?

The GOPASS chip card serves as your ski pass and as a method to purchase goods and services from the e-shop You no longer need to queue at the ticket office because you go straight to the turnstile with your GOPASS chip card. In addition, you have the option to purchase selected products and services at a cheaper price.


How can I get a GOPASS chip card?

You can purchase a personalised GOPASS chip card exclusively at the e-shop The card will be automatically added to your cart on your first order via e-shop. Personalised GOPASS chip cards cannot be purchased in the Špindlerův Mlýn ski resort. In the Špindlerův Mlýn ski resort, it is possible to purchase from ticket booths or information centres only an unregistered GOPASS card, which you can register or assign to your GOPASS account and personalise.


What if my GOPASS chip card arrives after I have left for my holiday?

Pay a deposit for the GOPASS chip card today and enjoy its benefits when you leave home for your holiday. Don’t worry if your GOPASS chip card has not been delivered before your holiday departure. All you need do is print out the temporary GOPASS card attached to your email and take it with you.


What is a temporary GOPASS card?

If your GOPASS chip card has not been delivered by the time you leave for your holiday, you can use a temporary GOPASS card. With the temporary GOPASS Card, you collect points and enjoy discounts. The temporary GOPASS card does not store information about ski lift purchases, and you must visit a ticket booth and show the temporary GOPASS card. The purchased service will be uploaded to your replacement chip card. You will be charged a refundable deposit of 50 CZK for a replacement chip card.


Is it necessary for each family member to have a GOPASS chip card or do we need only one card?

Yes, each customer who wishes to benefit from the GOPASS programme has to submit his / her own active GOPASS chip card. If you wish to purchase a product through the e-shop for your child, husband or wife, it is necessary for them to have their own purchased and registered GOPASS chip card.


Who should I contact if I have further questions?

For information about the operation of the GOPASS card, please see the section How does GOPASS work. Should you have any questions, call customer relations on +420 499 467 101 or email We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


What payment types are accepted in the e-shop?

A credit card payment system is available to allow online payments (if you have any doubts, contact your bank). Internet banking is available if you buy the service in good time.


I have got a discount code. How do I apply it?

To use the discount code:  1. Register at or sign up for your GOPASS account. When registering, fill in the registration form. 2. In the Discount Centre section, you will see the code or enter its number and upload. 3. Order your uploaded product and pay for it online.



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