GOPASS credit

Shop with credit at the e-shop or give credit as a gift to anyone.

Online purchases with credit

From now on, you can charge your GOPASS card with credit and use it when paying at the e-shop. In the personal area in the CREDIT section, you select the required amount, which will be transferred onto your card upon payment.

Share credit with your family and friends

You can share the credit on your account with your assigned GOPASS members. Who and in what timeframe will be able to use the credit is entirely up to you. You can do all this with a simple process in the personal area.

The advantages of GOPASS credit
  • Sending credit as a gift
  • Quick and easy payment method
  • Sharing credit with your family and friends
  • Charging credit online at
  • Transaction overview and administration in the personal area
Send credit as a gift

Give credit to anyone. In the credit section of your personal area, select the amount, enter the GOPASS card number or the email address of the person that should receive the credit.

Upon payment, we will send the voucher with the code to the email that corresponds to the specified GOPASS card. After you enter the code from the voucher in the credit section, the person in question will receive the credit.

Where can I use GOPASS credit?

Credit charged on your GOPASS card can be used to buy ski passes, chairlift tickets, events, experiences, and goods online only at! For SK and PL, it does not work!